Pineapple Trick & Automate Cookie Consent with Consent-O-Matic

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Dec 19th, 2023


  • Pineapple Trick 🍍

    Unlock the secret to effortlessly open a pineapple with bare hands! Twist and pull the stem, then roll and massage it with pressure. In just a few steps, effortlessly pull out the stems one by one. Mind-blowing pineapple hack! 🍍

Github repositories

  • cavi-au/Consent-O-Matic

    Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that automates cookie-consent forms on websites, saving you from repetitive submissions. It supports various Consent Management Providers (CMPs) and fills in your preferences upon installation. Developed by the Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction (CAVI) at Aarhus University, it encourages contributions for extending its CMP compatibility. The extension currently works with CMPs like Autodesk, cookiebot, and WordPress GDPR. Users can even add rules for new CMPs through custom lists or by contributing to the project via Pull Requests.