PCB Probing with Acupuncture Needles

Summary of my bookmarked links from Nov 12th, 2023


  • Needling Your Projects: 3D Printed PCB Probing Jig Uses Accupuncture Needles

    Giuseppe Finizia, an engineer at an electronic forensics laboratory, devised a 3D printed PCB probing jig using acupuncture needles to tackle the challenge of probing modern circuits with tiny SMD components. The jig features a base plate with adaptable PCB holders and adjustable probing "cranes" around the circumference, each holding an acupuncture needle. The flexible needle holders ensure a positive connection with downward pressure. This inventive solution is particularly useful for technical investigations on seized devices, providing an efficient method for probing multiple points on any PCB. Watch the detailed video on the jig by [Jonathon Oxer] for insights and modifications.