Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 17th, 2014

Github repositories

  • processing/p5.js

    p5.js is a JavaScript library designed for creative coding, enabling artists, designers, educators, and beginners to access and explore coding. The library provides a comprehensive set of drawing functionalities using the HTML5 canvas element, allowing users to create sketches on web pages. It draws inspiration from the Processing language but offers a new interpretation specific to the web. The p5.js website serves as a hub for project information, documentation, examples, and community support. The library is open-source and welcomes contributions from volunteers. Various learning resources, tutorials, and forums are available to help users get started with p5.js.

  • dfischer/meteor-prerenderio

    meteor-prerenderio is a Meteor wrapper for prerender.io, a service that helps improve search engine indexing for single-page applications. By including the specified settings in your Meteor project's settings.json file, you can configure the prerenderServiceURL and token. Alternatively, you can directly set the values in your code. The prerenderServiceURL is optional and primarily used for local testing. For additional customization options, you can refer to the prerender-node package. The development of meteor-prerenderio is credited to @electricjesus.