Optimize PWA Indexing for SEO and Ensure ATM Cash Dispenser Cleanliness

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Dec 11th, 2019


  • Indexing your PWA (Discoverability & SEO) - Progressive Web App Training

    This video provides an introduction to the discoverability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It explains how search engines rank pages and offers tips to ensure that PWAs are indexed effectively. The video suggests techniques such as rendering content for web crawlers, using canonical URLs, utilizing native HTML elements, employing progressive enhancement, and implementing structured data annotations. It emphasizes the importance of testing and optimizing loading performance for better user engagement. Viewers are directed to the Google Webmaster Central blog for more detailed information on making PWAs search-ready.

  • How to Clean an ATM Cash Dispenser - ATMequipment.com

    In this video titled "How to Clean an ATM Cash Dispenser" by ATMequipment.com, TJ shares simple steps to prevent bill jams and keep ATM cash dispensers clean. The key steps include having a preventive maintenance kit, cleaning the dispenser with compressed air, paying attention to sensors, using provided cleaning tools, and using a lint-free wipe for the entire dispenser. These quick and easy steps greatly improve ATM uptime. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals while cleaning. Remember to use preventive maintenance kits with every cash load.