Optimize Dart Performance, Vector Tilesets, Terminal Visual Effects and Targeted Noise Reduction

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from May 29th, 2024


  • Wie man beim Dart gewinnt

    Title: Best Dart Strategies Calculated by PhysicistsPhysicists Merlin Füllgraf and Jochen Gemmer from the University of Osnabrück have developed optimal dart strategies tailored to player accuracy. Their research shows that while experts should aim for the triple-20, less precise players benefit from targeting between the triple-19 and the bullseye. This method can yield up to seven and a half more points per round. They recommend adapting strategies based on individual throwing tendencies to maximize scores. Their findings encourage players to experiment with these strategies to see personalized improvements. (Preprint: arXiv:2403.20060v1)Source: Universität Osnabrück

  • APIs Probably Shouldn't Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

    This article discusses the risks associated with redirecting API calls from HTTP to HTTPS. While redirection improves security for user-facing websites, it's problematic for APIs, as initial unencrypted requests can expose sensitive data like API keys. The author shares a personal experience where a mistyped URL led to plaintext API keys being sent over the network. To mitigate such risks, the article suggests disabling the HTTP interface for APIs or ensuring unencrypted requests fail visibly. A survey of various popular APIs reveals that many still perform HTTP-to-HTTPS redirects, highlighting a need for better security practices in API management.

Github repositories

  • felt/tippecanoe

    TippecanoeTippecanoe is a tool for creating vector tilesets from GeoJSON, FlatGeobuf, or CSV files. Developed by Erica Fischer at Felt, its primary goal is to present data without losing detail, even when zoomed out. It allows users to visualize data density and texture at various scales, from global to local levels. Installation is easy with Homebrew on OSX or by building from source on Ubuntu. Basic usage involves specifying input files and desired options. Tippecanoe offers extensive configuration options for customizing tile output, making it suitable for detailed and large-scale geospatial datasets.

  • ChrisBuilds/terminaltexteffects

    TTE (Terminal Text Effects)TerminalTextEffects (TTE) is a versatile terminal visual effects engine. It can be used as a system application or a Python library to produce a variety of text effects in the terminal. TTE supports Xterm 256 and RGB hex colors, complex animations, color gradients, and event handling. It includes numerous pre-built effects like beams, fireworks, rain, and more. TTE is written in Python, requiring no third-party modules, and is compatible with most modern terminals. Installation is straightforward via pip or pipx. For detailed usage, refer to the documentation and effect-specific help options.GitHub Repository: TTE on PyPI

  • vb000/LookOnceToHear

    Look Once to Hear - Ab Gradio Demo: This GitHub repository offers code for the award-winning paper "Look Once to Hear: Target Speech Hearing with Noisy Examples," presented at CHI 2024. The intelligent system enables users to hear a target speaker by simply looking at them. The setup involves creating a Python environment and installing dependencies. Training utilizes clean speech, background sounds, and synthetic audio mixtures generated with Scaper. Datasets and training commands are provided. Evaluation follows a similar process with available model checkpoints.