Open-Source FerretDB, Signia TypeScript Library, and Tooltips.css: Powerful Dev Tools for MongoDB, React, and CSS

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Oct 20th, 2023

Github repositories

  • FerretDB/FerretDB

    FerretDB is an open-source proxy that serves as a substitute for MongoDB, offering compatibility with MongoDB drivers and tools. It converts MongoDB 6.0+ wire protocol queries to SQL, using PostgreSQL or SQLite as the database engine. This solution addresses the challenge of MongoDB's shifting licensing, making it suitable for open-source and early-stage commercial projects. FerretDB is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB in many cases and continually adds features to enhance compatibility and performance. Quickstart options include running FerretDB with PostgreSQL or SQLite backends using Docker. The project is actively seeking contributors and provides various resources for users and developers.

  • tldraw/signia

    Signia is a TypeScript signals library designed for minimalism, speed, and scalability. It introduces a clock-based lazy reactivity system that enables signals to handle data-intensive applications efficiently. The library is versatile and suited for various topics like React, state management, reactive programming, and functional-reactive programming. Signia is released under the MIT license and has garnered significant attention with 810 stars and 10 forks on GitHub. It's actively maintained by a team of 7 contributors and widely used by 72 developers.

  • zkreations/tooltips

    Tooltips.css is a lightweight and powerful CSS solution for creating tooltips without relying on JavaScript. It boasts a minuscule size of just 0.7kb (Brotli compressed) and is easy to customize and implement with zero impact on performance. You can control positioning, add animations, and customize the appearance using CSS variables. It also supports programmable tooltips and various design variables for easy theming. Keep in mind that tooltips do not work with self-closing tags and should be initiated within a container for such elements. The tool is licensed under the MIT License and offers support via buying a coffee.