NoSQL Databases for Real-Time UIs and Browser Storage

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 28th, 2022

Github repositories

  • pubkey/rxdb

    RxDB is an offline-first, NoSQL database designed for JavaScript applications. It offers reactive capabilities, allowing you to subscribe to state changes and query results. RxDB can be used for UI-based real-time applications as well as fast backends in Node.js. It provides a protocol for real-time replication with existing infrastructure or CouchDB endpoints. Additionally, RxDB offers flexibility by allowing you to swap out the underlying storage engine. It supports various JavaScript environments such as browsers, Node.js, Electron, React Native, and more. You can quickly get started with RxDB by installing it and following the provided code examples.

  • dannyconnell/localbase

    Localbase is an offline database that provides the simplicity and power of Firebase. It stores data in the user's browser using an IndexedDB database. You can create multiple databases and organize them into collections and documents, similar to Firebase Cloud Firestore. Localbase offers various features, including adding, updating, and deleting data, as well as advanced usage with custom keys. It supports promises and async/await syntax for handling operations. If you want to use Localbase in your project, you can install it via npm or include it with a script tag.