No Deadlines: Revolutionary Software Development Approach Defies Estimates, Specs, and Deceptive Practices!

Summary of my bookmarked links from May 6th, 2023


  • No Deadlines For You! Software Development Without Estimates, Specs, or Other Lies

    The article discusses an approach for writing software that satisfies business owners and eliminates the need for time estimates. It emphasizes the importance of putting uncertainty and risk at the center of conversations between developers and business stakeholders. By understanding the central problem facing the business and aligning the development effort with a possible solution, trust and collaboration can be fostered. The article suggests engaging in conversations to gather information and proposes a sequence of work that focuses on addressing the biggest risks first. Ultimately, the goal is to provide valuable insights and deliver solutions that contribute to the business's success.

  • ChatGPT Hype Is Proof Nobody Really Understands AI

    The author criticizes the claims made by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, regarding the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. They argue that LLMs, despite their impressive text generation abilities, do not actually understand language and are unable to improve on tasks they can't perform. The author compares LLMs to "pastiche," imitating human language without comprehension. They emphasize that LLMs prioritize plausibility over accuracy or truth. The author warns about the potential misuse of LLMs by tech companies like Google and Microsoft, urging users to be cautious and fact-check information provided by these models.

  • Software Architecture Is For Suckers

    The blog post discusses the author's views on software architecture, particularly reusable architecture. The author criticizes the concept, arguing that software architecture is often poorly defined and leads to unnecessary complexity. They claim that a single architecture cannot fit all applications, and changes in requirements often necessitate modifications to the architecture. The author also questions the effectiveness of clean architecture and its impact on code complexity. They conclude by suggesting that junior programmers should focus on practical problem-solving rather than getting caught up in software architecture.

  • I am building a SAAS startup that seems it will fail but investors just approached me!

    The author discusses their journey of developing the Allforone social media scheduling app. They initially struggled to find a suitable scheduling app and decided to build their own. They faced challenges with Python, Flask, API connections, and authentication. The author later switched to Next.js and experienced frustrations with errors and TypeScript. They eventually discovered MaterialUI, which made the frontend development easier. The author considered using Notion as a storage location and explored the possibility of integrating it with LinkedIn. They were approached by a venture capital fund for potential investment and applied for their program. The outcome of the application is yet to be determined.