Nintendo 3DS Architecture, Pay Yourself, and Personal Finance Manager

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Sep 23rd, 2023


  • Nintendo 3DS Architecture

    The article delves into the architecture of Nintendo's 3DS gaming console, particularly focusing on the CPU and display technology. It begins with an overview of the various 3DS models and their features, emphasizing the stereoscopic 3D display. The article then delves into the CPU, an ARM11 MPCore, discussing its design, architecture, and instruction sets. It also touches on the CPU's cache and memory management. The article concludes with a brief mention of the upgraded CPU in the "New" 3DS model. Overall, it provides an in-depth look at the technical aspects of the Nintendo 3DS console.

  • How much should you pay yourself?

    Introducing the Founder Salary Calculator 2023: This blog post presents an updated founder salary calculator, created in partnership with Figures, a compensation benchmarking platform in Europe. Based on 728 data points, it offers insights into founder salaries at different stages, with notable details on gender pay gap. The new calculator's formula, which includes factors like location and family, suggests substantial changes, particularly for Seed founder salaries. Berlin stands out as more expensive, while other cities see moderate adjustments. Links to the calculator and related resources are provided. A valuable tool for founders assessing their compensation.

Github repositories

  • ananthakumaran/paisa

    "Paisa" is a personal finance manager that leverages the ledger double entry accounting tool. It's currently in alpha but usable, with updates based on user feedback. You can explore its web interface at and engage in discussions or report bugs on Matrix chat. The software is open source under AGPL 3 or later, though pull requests aren't accepted at the moment due to the desire for full control over the UI project's development process, but this might change in the future.