Minimalist Browser for tvOS

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 5th, 2016

Github repositories

  • steventroughtonsmith/tvOSBrowser

    tvOS Browser is a minimalist browser designed for tvOS using private API, specifically UIWebView. Consider this project as sample code since it is unlikely to receive further updates. To successfully build it, you must redefine the following in Availability.h: __TVOS_UNAVAILABLE and __TVOS_PROHIBITED. Using the Apple TV Remote, you can switch between cursor and scroll mode by tapping the top of the touch area. Clicking the touch area functions as a click, while the Menu button allows for navigation back. The Play/Pause button enables URL input without fuzzy matching or auto-search capabilities.

  • sergioramos/react-tvml

    react-tvml is an alpha release that provides React bindings to Apple's TVJS and TVML. It allows developers to create TVML-based applications using React. The installation process involves using npm, and an example repository is available for reference. The library requires further development, including code cleanup, removing unnecessary code from the React DOM renderer, adding event handling, improving overall polish, implementing validations for component nesting, ensuring consistent code style, and conducting tests. react-tvml is licensed under BSD.