Milky Way's Surprising Scale, SolidJS Integration for Meteor and Cron Jobs for Next.js

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Jul 7th, 2023


  • The mind-blowing scale of The Milky Way

    In this video, the narrator takes the viewers on a journey to explore the scale of the Milky Way galaxy. They express their love for the galaxy and their fascination with the fact that we are inside it. The video aims to bring appreciation and clarity to our place in the universe, while also addressing the existential dread that can arise from contemplating its vastness. Using creative visualizations and comparisons, the narrator demonstrates the size of the Milky Way relative to our planet and ourselves. The video concludes by emphasizing the significance of humans in the grand scheme of things and encourages viewers to explore the wonders of both the macro and micro worlds.

Github repositories

  • edemaine/solid-meteor-data

    solid-meteor-data is a package that allows you to combine the reactive systems of SolidJS and Meteor to build reactive user interfaces with SolidJS while fetching data from Meteor. It provides primitives for working with Meteor reactive data, such as creating subscriptions, finding documents, and tracking changes. The package supports both auto and manual modes of operation. In auto mode, SolidJS responds to Meteor reactive data automatically, while manual mode requires explicit wrapping of Meteor reactive data. The package offers several primitives for different types of reactive data.

  • paulphys/nextjs-cron

    Vercel now offers built-in cron jobs for triggering serverless and edge functions. While the feature is currently free during its beta phase, it will become a paid feature in the future. In the meantime, GitHub Actions can still be used as a completely free alternative. This blog post explores using GitHub Actions for scheduling cron jobs in Next.js applications on Vercel. It provides a basic workflow example and demonstrates how to use API routes and serverless functions with authorization flow. Overall, GitHub Actions integrated with Next.js on Vercel offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for scheduling tasks.