Microsoft Overhauls Windows Kernel in Rust; Unofficial iCloud API Warning

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from May 27th, 2023


  • 30 year old code killed! Microsoft rewrites Windows kernel with 180,000 lines of Rust

    Microsoft is rewriting its core Windows libraries using the Rust programming language. The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview release includes Rust in the Windows kernel, marking the beginning of Rust's disruption of C in the Windows ecosystem. Microsoft's focus is on enhancing security by leveraging memory-safe languages like Rust. The company has already rewritten projects such as DWriteCore and Win32 GDI in Rust, resulting in significant security improvements and performance gains. While Microsoft won't be rewriting Windows entirely in Rust, its endorsement and support of the language contribute to Rust's strength and benefit the open-source community.

Github repositories

  • MauriceConrad/iCloud-API

    The unofficial iCloud API is a tool that provides methods for interacting with various services of iCloud. However, it's important to note that this API is not supported by Apple and can be subject to changes in iCloud's endpoints and functionality. The API's implementation is similar to Apple's official API, but there may be some simplifications and restructuring due to differences between JavaScript and the original API. It's recommended to use existing sessions and save them to avoid issues and improve functionality. The API allows you to work with contacts, friends, iCloud Drive, calendar, photos, Find Me, reminders, mail, and notes.