Methyl Cations Found in Distant Protoplanetary Disk and Innovative Browser-Based Background Removal Package

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jun 28th, 2023


  • Why work at Canny

    Canny is a small, remote startup that offers a compelling work environment for talented individuals. Their team enjoys the freedom of remote work, choosing where and when they work, resulting in increased flexibility and productivity. Regular team retreats provide opportunities for bonding and collaboration. Canny's bootstrapped and profitable nature allows them to prioritize customer feedback and make decisions that benefit their users. Joining Canny means joining a close-knit team that values autonomy, personal growth, and the chance to have a significant impact. If this resonates with you, explore their open positions on their careers page.

  • Way out in deep space, astronomers spot precursor of carbon based life

    Astronomers using the James Webb Space Telescope have discovered methyl cations, essential precursor molecules for proteins and DNA, in a protoplanetary disk located 1,350 light years away in the Orion Nebula. These molecules were likely formed by the dissociation of methane molecules due to strong UV rays from nearby stars. Methyl cations are crucial for kickstarting reactions that lead to the formation of complex carbon-based molecules necessary for life. The detection confirms the significance of these molecules in interstellar chemistry and raises questions about the role of precursors in the development of life.

Github repositories

  • imgly/background-removal-js

    Background Removal in the Browser is a powerful npm package, @imgly/background-removal, that enables developers to remove image backgrounds directly in the browser environment. It eliminates the need for additional server costs by leveraging the local device's computing power, resulting in a fast and efficient process. The package ensures data privacy as it runs entirely in the browser, without transferring any sensitive information to external servers. It seamlessly integrates with IMG.LY's CE.SDK, allowing developers to incorporate in-browser background removal and image matting capabilities into their projects. The package is ideal for various use cases, including e-commerce applications, image editing tools, and web-based graphic design applications.