Meteor Packaging and Publication Re-Using

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 15th, 2015

Github repositories

  • Astrocoders/meteor-astrocoders-publish

    AstroPublish is a Meteor package that allows for smart re-use of publications. It simplifies the process of creating publications that are only sent to logged-in users. Instead of manually repeating the if-else statements for each publication, AstroPublish provides a chainable syntax for defining publications. It offers built-in methods like ifSignedIn, one, latest, mongoRule, fields, limit, byGotId, with, and ifHasRole, which enable fine-grained control over the publication's behavior. Additionally, custom methods can be defined using three types: query, predicate, and mongoRule. AstroPublish aims to streamline the publication process and enhance code organization.

  • arboleya/electrify

    Electrify is a tool that enables easy packaging of Meteor apps with Electron. By installing Electrify globally and running it within your Meteor app directory, you can start your app within the Electrify context. It also provides commands for bundling and packaging your app to a specified directory. Electrify is compatible with all platforms supported by Meteor. For more information on usage and available options, use the command "electrify -h". Join the discussion on Gitter at