Meteor, Credit Card Forms and Autocompletions

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 15th, 2015

Github repositories

  • meteor/meteor

    Meteor is a user-friendly platform for developing modern web applications. It allows you to create applications using the latest JavaScript technology, integrating popular frameworks and tools effortlessly. Whether you're targeting web, iOS, Android, or desktop, Meteor ensures a seamless user experience with code reuse. Start by exploring getting started tutorials in your preferred technology, then dive into the comprehensive documentation and examples. Meteor offers resources for building applications, deploying on Meteor Cloud, engaging in discussion forums and Slack community, and contributing to its development. For uninstallation instructions, refer to the provided link.

  • jessepollak/card

    npm's Card is a useful tool that enhances credit card forms with just one line of code. It creates an optimized checkout experience without requiring any changes to your existing form. Utilizing pure CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, Card doesn't rely on images. To implement Card, include the JavaScript files into your HTML and initialize it with customizable options such as form selectors, width, formatting, messages, and placeholders. Card is compatible with different frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Ember, React, and Vue. It has been successfully used by various companies and is open to contributions. Donations for supporting its development are also accepted.

  • ichord/At.js

    At.js is an autocompletion library that allows you to autocomplete mentions and smileys, similar to the functionality on GitHub. It supports various features such as compatibility with different browsers and input elements, customizable listeners for different characters, template rendering, keyboard controls, and more. It requires jQuery and Caret.js as dependencies. To integrate it into your application, include the necessary files and use the provided code snippet. At.js was previously maintained but is no longer active, and the suggested alternative is Zurb Tribute.