Mechanics of an 18th Century Sailing Battleship

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Dec 2nd, 2023


  • How an 18th Century Sailing Battleship Works

    Explore the intricacies of an 18th-century sailing battleship, modeled after the HMS Victory. The wooden warship, built with oak, elm, pine, and fir, boasts a thick hull, copper plating, and towering masts. Detailed tour includes the Hold's storage, Orlop Deck with various rooms, Lower Gun Deck housing 32-pounder guns, Middle Gun Deck with 24-pounder guns, Upper Gun Deck featuring 12-pounder guns, Quarter Deck with the captain's accommodations, and Poop Deck at the rear. Learn about hammock sleeping arrangements, anchors, and the complex process of managing masts, sails, and rigging.