Meatier and Subscription-Data

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 23rd, 2015

Github repositories

  • mattkrick/meatier

    Meatier is a project designed to offer the same functionality as Meteor, but with a more flexible structure. It addresses some of the limitations of Meteor, such as being built on Node 0.10 and lacking code splitting and CSS module support. Meatier provides alternatives like RethinkDB for the database, GraphQL for database schema and client validation, redux-form for forms, and React for the front-end. It also offers features like client-side caching, socket server scalability, and optimistic UI. Installation and development instructions are provided along with tutorials and similar projects. Contributions are welcome, and the project is licensed under MIT.

  • peerlibrary/meteor-subscription-data

    The Meteor smart package "subscription-data" enables the establishment of a reactive and shared subscription data context between the client and server side. It allows for passing arguments to the publish endpoint in a reactive manner without subscription restarting. By adding this package to your Meteor application, you can extend the publish endpoint function's capabilities with data and setData methods on both the client and server side. The package provides two methods, "data" and "setData," which allow you to retrieve and modify the current data context object. This enables controlling the subscription without restarting it, as demonstrated in the provided example. To install, use "meteor add peerlibrary:subscription-data."