Measuring Software Developer Productivity

Summary of my bookmarked links from Oct 21st, 2023


  • Yes, you can measure software developer productivity

    This article discusses the challenges of measuring software developer productivity, emphasizing the growing importance of doing so as most companies rely on software development in some capacity. It highlights the complexities of measuring productivity in software development due to its collaborative and creative nature, along with the requirement for different metrics at system, team, and individual levels. The article introduces a new approach to measuring developer productivity, which has shown promising results in reducing defects, improving employee experience, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It also explores various metrics, such as the Developer Velocity Index, contribution analysis, and talent capability score, to provide a holistic view of productivity. Additionally, it cautions against misusing metrics and emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt to measuring software engineering productivity effectively. Finally, it encourages companies to start the process of measuring developer productivity, considering the impact of remote work and AI-enabled tools in today's evolving landscape.