Mastering React's Re-rendering and Memoization

Summary of my bookmarked links from Dec 12th, 2021


  • Understanding re-rendering and memoization in React

    This article provides quick tips for improving performance in React applications by understanding re-rendering and memoization. It emphasizes the use of `useRef` instead of `useState` for persisting mutable values that don't affect the rendered output. The concept of memoization is introduced, explaining how it can prevent unnecessary re-renders by caching function results using `React.memo()`. The importance of `useCallback` is highlighted to avoid unintentional re-renders when passing functions as props. The `useMemo` hook is recommended for memoizing expensive functions. Lastly, lazy initialization using `useState` is mentioned as a way to optimize initial state setup. The article concludes by suggesting further reading and inviting readers to share their own performance optimization tips.