Mastering Frontend Architecture

Summary of my bookmarked links from Jun 4th, 2022


  • Frontend Architecture for Insane Scalability ⚠️

    This article discusses the importance of frontend architecture in software development projects. It emphasizes the need to think about architecture before starting to code in order to handle future scalability and feature additions effectively. The author recommends using Next.JS as a powerful framework for frontend development, citing its ease of use, support for hybrid rendering, TypeScript integration, and compatibility with other technologies. They also suggest utilizing libraries like Tailwind for styling, React Hook Forms for form handling, and React Query for API caching. The article further covers code organization strategies, including folder structures and code patterns, such as managing application state with Redux or the React Context API. The author highlights the significance of abstraction and adhering to principles like DRY and KISS to improve code quality and maintainability.