Master the Circle Dot Trick and Discover the Friend Who Communicates Solely through Voice Messages

Summary of my bookmarked videos from May 3rd, 2023


  • the circle dot trick

    Learn how to draw a flawless circle without lifting your pen using the Circle Dot Trick. Starting with a dot, fold the paper while maintaining contact, switch sides, fold again, and flatten to create a perfect ring. Surprise your friends with this impressive optical illusion.

  • Der Freund, der nur Sprachnachrichten verschickt

    In this video, the narrator discusses the phenomenon of people who exclusively communicate through voice messages. While some may argue that it saves time, the narrator points out that listening to voice messages takes six times longer than reading a text. This preference for voice messages can sometimes imply that the sender values their time more than the recipient's. The narrator suggests a more efficient approach of briefly texting important information instead. The video humorously portrays a scenario where someone sends a four-minute voice message for a simple update, highlighting the potential inefficiency of this communication style.