Master the Art of Hand-Stretching Open Pizza Dough with These Simple Steps

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Aug 31st, 2019


  • How to Stretch (Open) Pizza Dough By Hand

    Learn how to stretch pizza dough by hand in this instructional video. Avoid using a rolling pin, as it ruins the texture. Begin by dusting flour on your working surface and both sides of the proved pizza dough. Flatten it into a disc and use the pads of your fingers to press the gas from the center to the edges, creating a crust. Pop any bubbles that form on the edges. Once the dough is large enough to fit your palm inside the crust, place your right hand on the dough and stretch it to the 9 o'clock position using your left hand. Catch the dough with the pads of your fingers and give it a quarter turn each time. By flipping your palm downwards, you create rotation and centripetal force, allowing the dough to stretch naturally. Practice and speed will improve your technique, resulting in a round, evenly stretched dough. Remember, using a rolling pin condenses the dough and gives it a dense texture, whereas hand-stretched dough is light, airy, and delicious.