Local Data Caching on Self-hosted Github runners and macOS Command-Line Tools

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jun 29th, 2023


  • Advanced macOS Command-Line Tools

    Advanced macOS Command-Line Tools is a comprehensive guide to macOS-specific command-line utilities that offer unique functionality. It explores various commands and their usage, such as caffeinate for managing sleep behavior, pbcopy and pbpaste for interacting with the system clipboard, networkQuality for measuring Internet speed, sips for image manipulation, open for opening files and applications, textutil for document file conversion, mdfind and mdls for Spotlight search, screencapture for taking screenshots, taskpolicy for controlling process scheduling, say for text-to-speech, pmset for configuring power management, networksetup for network settings, qlmanage for managing Quick Look, softwareupdate for managing OS updates, and system_profiler for viewing system information. It provides valuable command-line tools to enhance macOS productivity and functionality.

Github repositories

  • maxnowack/local-cache

    local-cache is a GitHub Action that facilitates caching data by storing a tarball on the local filesystem. It aims to improve the speed of saving and restoring caches while eliminating the HTTP overhead associated with the actions/cache action. This action is specifically designed for use with self-hosted runners that have persistent storage, not GitHub-hosted runners or runners with ephemeral storage. You can use it as a drop-in replacement for actions/cache@v3, leveraging all its features. The cache tarballs are created in $RUNNER_TOOL_CACHE/$GITHUB_REPOSITORY, with $GITHUB_REPOSITORY representing the repository name.