Lightweight, Open-Source Dropbox Client

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 6th, 2022

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  • samschott/maestral

    Maestral is a lightweight, open-source Dropbox client designed for macOS and Linux. It aims to provide Dropbox functionality on platforms and file systems that are no longer directly supported by Dropbox. Maestral supports syncing multiple Dropbox accounts and allows exclusion of local files from sync using a ".mignore" file. While it lacks certain features like Dropbox Paper and team management, Maestral offers advantages such as smaller app size and memory usage compared to the official Dropbox app on macOS. Installation options include an app bundle for macOS, PyPI package for other platforms, or a Docker image. The tool can be used via a graphical user interface or command line, with various commands available for managing syncing, status, notifications, and more. Multiple Dropbox accounts can be synced by configuring different instances of Maestral with the `--config-name` option. Contributions to the project are welcome, with a range of tasks available for different skill levels. The system requirements include macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher or Linux, and Python 3.7 or higher.