Lessons from a $1B Startup CTO: Powering GitHub Automation with Probot's Node.js Framework

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jan 25th, 2022


  • What I Learned in My First Year as CTO of a $1B Startup

    Lessen, a startup in the property services industry, has experienced remarkable growth in just one year, with its valuation soaring from $19M to $1B and its team expanding to over 300 employees. The author, who transitioned from a leadership role at Zillow to become Lessen's CTO, shares insights gained from joining a unicorn startup. Key takeaways include the benefits of ownership and freedom to tackle challenges, the diverse responsibilities that come with wearing multiple hats, the effort required for successful fundraising, the amplified impact of decisions in a small company, the significance of recruiting top talent, the importance of a compelling problem space, and the personal fulfillment found in joining an early stage startup. Lessen is currently hiring, offering a wealth of opportunities for those interested.

Github repositories

  • probot/probot

    Probot is a powerful framework for building GitHub Apps in Node.js. It extends GitHub's functionality by allowing developers to create apps that automate tasks and enhance workflows. These apps can be installed directly on organizations and user accounts, granting them specific repository access with granular permissions and built-in webhooks. Probot, written in TypeScript, listens to webhook events and performs actions based on them. The Probot website provides comprehensive documentation for getting started with building your own Probot App. Additionally, contributing to Probot or sharing ideas can be done through their GitHub repositories.