Knots & Pairing Tequila and Cigars

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Jul 6th, 2023


  • Der LKW-Knoten🪢

    The video titled "Der LKW-Knoten🪢" demonstrates a knot that can be used for proper tensioning. The presenter explains how to create a loop with this knot, which can be used to secure items. The video focuses on the practical application of the knot and its potential benefits, without promotional content.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger combines TEQUILA with a CIGAR! 😱 #arnold #cigars #tequila #shorts

    Arnold Schwarzenegger surprises viewers by combining tequila with a cigar in this intriguing video. Using a cedar from the humidor, he pours tequila over it and strokes the cigar, creating a unique flavor. After a ritual of lighting the cigar, he places it back in his mouth, and then places it in the tequila once again. This unconventional technique has been a personal tradition since 1989, impressing guests with its cool factor.