Keep Your Fruit Flies out of your Kitchen & Gaia Sky

Summary of my bookmarked links from Jul 23rd, 2023


  • Gaia Sky

    Gaia Sky: An open-source 3D universe simulator developed in collaboration with ESA's Gaia mission. This real-time astronomy visualization software allows exploration of over a billion celestial objects. It offers VR support, 6D exploration, planetary surfaces, procedural planet generation, advanced graphics, and multiple projection modes. The tool is scriptable and extensible using Python. Gaia Sky is SAMP aware and supports various data formats. The software is freely available under MPL 2.0 license and is continuously updated with multilingual documentation and acknowledgments.

  • Managing Kitchen Fruit Flies with a Little Shop of Horrors

    The author, living in Seattle, found a solution to combat the recurring fruit fly problem in their kitchen by using carnivorous pitcher plants, specifically a Purple Pitcher Plant named Audrey IV. These plants passively attract and trap fruit flies, preventing them from multiplying. Regularly removing trapped flies keeps their population under control. The author recommends using distilled water for these plants and occasionally hand-feeding them with dehydrated mealworms or bloodworms. Audrey IV's success has eliminated fruit fly congregations, making it a valuable addition to fruit fly management, along with using lavender essential oil on the compost bin filter.