JSPyBridge & Raycast Unblock

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 5th, 2024

Github repositories

  • wibus-wee/raycast-unblock

    Raycast Unblock is a project under active development, aimed at unblocking features in Raycast's Pro Plan for educational purposes. It offers various functionalities like AI chat, web search, translation services, and more. The project provides Docker deployment and usage guides, along with alternatives for those without specific tools like Node.js or Surge. It also includes cautionary notes regarding usage and deprecation of certain features like GitHub Copilot. For details, check out the GitHub repository by Wibus, released under the MIT license.

  • extremeheat/JSPyBridge

    JSPyBridge: Interoperate between Node.js and Python seamlessly. Execute Python from Node.js or Node.js from Python. Key features include async and sync function calls, bidirectional callbacks, object inspection, and more. It supports Python 3.8+ and Node.js 14. Unlike other bridges, JSPyBridge allows operating on remote objects as if they were local. It provides detailed documentation and examples for easy implementation. Compatible with various frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and mineflayer. Great for developers seeking efficient cross-language communication.