iOS App Reverse Engineering, Podlove Podcast Publisher, and Cloudinary for Meteor

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 14th, 2015

Github repositories

  • iosre/iOSAppReverseEngineering

    "IOS App Reverse Engineering" is a comprehensive book that offers detailed insights into iOS app reverse engineering. It caters to various readers, including iOS enthusiasts, experienced iOS developers, architects, and reverse engineers from other systems. The book is divided into four parts, covering concepts, tools, theories, and practices. It follows a structured approach, starting from basic concepts and gradually delving into commonly used tools and reverse engineering theories. The book also includes four practical examples to enhance understanding. For more information, visit the official forum or follow @iOSAppRE. Consider purchasing the book if you find it valuable.

  • podlove/podlove-publisher

    Podlove Podcast Publisher is a WordPress plugin designed for podcast publishing. To get started, clone the repository and fetch PHP dependencies using Composer. JavaScript packages are managed with yarn. For development, there are separate setups for legacy JS development and client development. Code formatting can be done using PHP-CS-Fixer. Releases, both beta and stable, are created using GitHub Actions. To release a new stable version, manually update specific fields in readme.txt, execute a bash script, and push the changes. The plugin is licensed under FOSSA.

  • oafmedium/meteor-cloudinary

    Cloudinary for Meteor is a package that enables access to the robust image transformation API of Cloudinary, along with upload capabilities using the official Node.js and jQuery packages. To install the package in your Meteor app, navigate to the app directory and run the command: "$ meteor add oaf:cloudinary." For authentication, provide your Cloudinary credentials through the Meteor settings, which can be found in the Cloudinary Management Console. The package is licensed under the MIT license.