Interactive ES6 Katas, npm-base and publish-please

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 14th, 2015

Github repositories

  • tddbin/ is a website that offers a collection of katas (small tasks) designed to help users learn ECMAScript 6 (ES6) by actively practicing it. Each kata is linked to TDDbin, where users can fix failing tests and gain hands-on experience with ES6 features. The site was initially developed to explore ES6 within TDDbin, but it grew into a repository of katas. Powered by React.js, the website leverages server-side rendering to provide a fast-loading, static version of the page with minimal client-side waiting times. Please note that the project has moved to, and the repository contains a redirect and may be removed in the future.

  • kadirahq/npm-base

    npm-base is a base package designed for creating NPM packages using ES2015. It simplifies the setup process for developing in ES2015 and ensures backward compatibility when publishing to NPM. The package includes ESLint support for linting your code and offers the option to run tests without linting. It utilizes Babel6 for ES2015 support and provides a clean directory structure without global polyfills. npm-base gives credit to Babel6 and the authors of Facebook's graphql-js for their contributions.

  • inikulin/publish-please

    Publish-please is a versatile tool that serves as a safe and functional replacement for npm publish. It offers various features to enhance your package publishing process. Before publishing, you can validate your package for validity, vulnerability, and unnecessary files using the "npm publish-please --dry-run" command. It performs actions like running tests, checking for vulnerable dependencies, uncommitted changes, untracked files, and sensitive/non-essential data. You can customize the validation workflow and execute commands of your choice. After successful publishing, you can run post-publish scripts. The tool can be installed locally and supports CI mode.