Interact with HX711 Chips and Control Wi-Fi Relays with ESP8266-Wifi-Relay Firmware

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 21st, 2016

Github repositories

  • dangrie158/opencushion

    The C driver and Node binding for HX711 Load Cell Amp provides an interface to interact with HX711 chips. To use this library, g++-4.8 and WiringPi must be installed. The library exposes a class named HX711, allowing access to various functions. The constructor initializes a new sensor instance, while the read() function retrieves the raw sensor value. Additionally, the library provides functions to get the scaled value, set/reset the offset and scale, and retrieve the current offset and scale. In case of any issues with the HX711 chip, power cycling the sensor is recommended.

  • JanGoe/esp8266-wifi-relay

    ESP8266-Wifi-Relay is a Wi-Fi controlled relay board with two ports. It can also support optional switches or buttons with feedback. The firmware used is NodeMCU, and it can be ordered via email. The installation process involves connecting the board to power and configuring it through a web interface. The relay can be controlled remotely using the SHC Schaltserver or through MQTT. Additionally, it can be integrated with Pimatic for control via a Raspberry Pi. The board supports manual control through connected buttons or switches. Alternative control methods include TCP commands. The GPIO mapping and pinout information is provided for reference.