Hypercube with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Peaches in Absinthe, and OCR-free Donuts

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from May 30th, 2023


  • What Is A "Hypercube" (Tesseract)? Neil DeGrasse Tyson Robert Krulwich 92Y | #shorts #92y #ndt #nyc

    In this video, Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains the concept of a "hypercube," also known as a tesseract. He breaks down the dimensions starting from a point (zero dimensions) to a line (one dimension), a square (two dimensions), and a cube (three dimensions). A hypercube exists in four dimensions and consists of eight sides, with each side being a three-dimensional cube. Tyson's explanation helps visualize the progression of dimensions and the structure of a hypercube.

  • I left Peaches in Absinthe for a week

    In the video titled "I left Peaches in Absinthe for a week," DokaRyan experiments with infusing canned peaches with absinthe. Initially skeptical, DokaRyan discovers that the infusion turns out to be incredible and of exceptional quality. After a week, the peaches have absorbed the absinthe, resulting in what is considered the world's strongest peaches. DokaRyan takes a shot and expresses their amazement at the taste, rating it 14 out of 10 and declaring it their all-time favorite. The video can be found on DokaRyan's website and social media accounts.

Github repositories

  • clovaai/donut

    Donut is an OCR-free document understanding transformer that achieves state-of-the-art performance on visual document understanding tasks. It eliminates the need for off-the-shelf OCR engines by employing an end-to-end Transformer model. The system includes SynthDoG, a synthetic document generator that enhances model pre-training for different languages and domains. The academic paper provides detailed information, experimental results, and analyses. Pre-trained models and web demos are available, allowing users to explore document parsing, document classification, document VQA, and more. The repository provides installation instructions, training and testing details, and datasets for different tasks.