Hiring Website without Marketing Content and Buttermilk's Advanced Routing Library

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Aug 31st, 2023


  • grandcentrix.team

    Grandcentrix is a cutting-edge IoT solution provider in Germany, focusing on delivering top-tier solutions for IoT, Smart Home, connected products, and digital solutions. Unlike typical marketing content, their developer-oriented perspective offers genuine technical insights into their work, providing a deeper understanding of their offerings. Explore their profile to learn more about their innovative approach.

Github repositories

  • probablyup/buttermilk

    The Buttermilk website provides documentation for using their routing library. It offers a controlled server-side and uncontrolled client-side routing system with various features. It emphasizes centrally-managed routing, async support, and small size. The library allows defining route configurations with flexible matching options, rendering components, and redirects. Usage involves placing a `Router` component on the page, while a `route()` utility handles browser-side route changes. There are examples, utility methods like `match()`, and even CDN options for using Buttermilk. Compatibility notes include Event constructor polyfills for Internet Explorer.