Hilarious Turbo-Ride and S3 Caching for GitHub Actions

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Feb 2nd, 2023


  • LOSTPLACE : Nackter Mann und die Turbo-Rutsche 😂❗️❗️ | ItsMarvin

    In this unique and adventurous video, ItsMarvin takes on a massive Chinese slide with a twist. Equipped with soap and water, he attempts to slide down naked while his friend captures the hilarious moment. With laughter and excitement, ItsMarvin braves the steep slide, showcasing his daring and unconventional approach to entertainment. Watch this extraordinary video as ItsMarvin adds his distinctive touch to the world of vlogging and stands out from the crowd.

Github repositories

  • whywaita/actions-cache-s3

    whywaita/actions-cache-s3 is a forked Action from @actions/cache that provides an S3 backend for caching dependencies and build outputs in GitHub Actions workflows. It supports multiple paths, glob patterns, and single file caches. The cache can be configured with AWS S3 bucket settings, access keys, region, and endpoint. The latest version offers increased performance and cache sizes using zstd compression. The action is compatible with various programming languages and frameworks, and examples are provided for implementation. The cache key can be customized using contexts, functions, and operators supported by GitHub Actions.