HDL with Chisel & Challenging Projects for Programmers

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Dec 27th, 2023


  • Challenging projects every programmer should try

    Explore challenging software projects to enhance your programming skills. Consider building a text editor, a 2D game like Space Invaders, a compiler for Tiny BASIC, a mini operating system, a spreadsheet, or a video game console emulator. Each project offers unique learning opportunities, covering topics such as data structures, game development, compilers, and operating systems. Further reading resources and suggested project ideas, like a database from scratch or a Ray tracer, are also provided. These projects serve as valuable learning experiences for both students and professional developers.

Github repositories

  • chipsalliance/chisel

    Chisel: Hardware Description Language (HDL) in ScalaChisel, an open-source HDL, leverages Scala's power to construct advanced, reusable digital circuits. Operating at the register-transfer level, it supports both ASIC and FPGA designs. Chisel's generator approach allows the creation of modular components, enhancing design abstraction. Powered by FIRRTL and permissively licensed (Apache 2.0), Chisel promotes fine-grained control. The provided code snippet showcases Chisel's capability to generate Verilog code for tasks like LED blinking and FIR filter implementation. Check out the documentation, tutorials, and contribute to the project's development. Join the community at Chisel's Gitter channel.