HackMyResume, Mongotron, and Meteor GraphQL

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 24th, 2015

Github repositories

  • hacksalot/HackMyResume

    HackMyResume is a dev-friendly tool that allows you to create polished resumes and CVs in multiple formats from your command line or shell. It supports formats such as Word, HTML, PDF, LaTeX, and plain text. With HackMyResume, you can author your resume in clean Markdown and JSON, and it is compatible with FRESH and JSON Resume formats. The tool provides features like generating resumes in various formats, analyzing resumes for keyword density and gaps, converting resumes between FRESH and JSON Resume formats, and validating resumes against the respective schemas. It is an open-source tool built with Node.js and supports OS X, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

  • officert/mongotron

    Mongotron is a MongoDB GUI developed with Electron and AngularJS. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing and interacting with MongoDB databases. To quickly get started, clone the repository and install the required dependencies. You can then launch the application. In case you encounter the "electron command not found" error, you need to install Electron from the provided link. Additionally, releasing the app will package it into an executable format and create a release directory.

  • kadirahq/meteor-graphql

    GraphQL Support for Meteor with Lokka provides an alternative data layer for Meteor that enables the use of GraphQL schemas on the client side. By adding the package to your app and running it, you can access the schemas at http://localhost:3000/graphql. Features include registering multiple schemas, an in-browser GraphQL IDE, seamless integration with Lokka for client-side interaction, React utilities, Meteor-based authorization, optimistic updates support, client-side caching, and declarative data definition. The API includes options to handle types, register schemas, create Lokka clients, bind data to React components, and customize loading and error messages.