Gathering and Processing App Reviews with Python

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jun 1st, 2023

Github repositories

  • datasciencecampus/app_review

    This link provides code for gathering and processing public reviews of apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store APIs. The code demonstrates how to access review data from both platforms using Python. For the Apple App Store, the code uses the requests library to make an API call and obtain reviews in JSON format, which are then flattened and saved as a CSV file. Similarly, for the Google Play Store, the code uses the Google Play Console and OAuth2 authentication to retrieve reviews. The retrieved data can be processed directly or saved as a JSON file for further manipulation. Additionally, the code provides examples of saving reviews as CSV files or converting them into a Pandas dataframe for further analysis.

  • LAION-AI/Open-Assistant

    Open Assistant is a project aiming to provide universal access to a powerful chat-based language model. Its goal is to revolutionize language innovation by enhancing communication skills. The project offers useful links for data collection, chat interaction, and project documentation. Users can contribute by participating in data collection tasks and improving the model's capabilities. While running the project locally is primarily for developers, the public website allows users to engage in chat and data collection activities. Open Assistant's vision extends beyond ChatGPT, aiming to create a versatile assistant capable of personalized tasks, API usage, research, and more. The project welcomes contributors to join the open-source community and make a positive impact.

  • kochrt/qr-designer

    QR Code Designer is a web app that allows you to create QR codes with customized designs in the middle section. Unlike traditional QR codes, this app doesn't utilize error correction but selectively toggles pixels without affecting the QR code's intended destination. The designer is built on Nuxt v2 and can be installed and run using Node version 16. It supports URLs with exactly 25 characters from a set of alphanumeric characters. Previous versions of the app were served from and domains, but customization options can be found in components/Design/QRGroup.vue.