Frustrate Bitcoin Scammers

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Nov 4th, 2023


  • I Trapped 200 Scammers in an Impossible Maze

    In this video, the host and his team create a complex maze to trap scammers who think they're redeeming fake Bitcoin. Scammers believe they've won and eagerly try to claim their winnings, but in reality, the maze is designed to be impossible. The host shares moments of scammers spending days in frustration, trying to navigate the maze, and the video showcases various tactics used to keep them occupied, including fake customer service representatives, CAPTCHA challenges, and absurd drawings as human verification. Scammers' calls are put on hold for extended periods, leading to humorous and frustrating interactions with fake support. The video highlights the elaborate lengths taken to waste scammers' time, making them believe they're on the brink of receiving nonexistent Bitcoin.