From CRUD to Event Sourcing & immutable updates in JavaScript with mutative

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Dec 18th, 2023


  • Hitchhiker's Guide To Moving Relational Data To Events

    Title: "Embracing the End of CRUD: A Guide to Event Sourcing Transformation"Oskar provides a compelling narrative on transitioning from CRUD to Event Sourcing, urging a shift from optimizing storage size to prioritizing information quality. He introduces the concept of an Event Stream, emphasizing its role in creating a shared understanding between technical and business perspectives. Oskar advises a cautious approach for those entrenched in Database-Driven Design, outlining steps to examine and migrate data while emphasizing the importance of explicit events for accurate representation.

Github repositories

  • unadlib/mutative

    Mutative: Efficient Immutable Updates in JavaScriptMutative is a high-performance JavaScript library for seamless immutable updates, outpacing Immer and handcrafted reducers. With up to 10x faster speed than Immer and 6x faster than naive reducers, Mutative excels in updating both objects and arrays. Its features include optional state freezing, compatibility with JSON Patch, and custom shallow copy support. Mutative surpasses Immer in various performance benchmarks, providing a significant advantage, especially with large datasets. With an array of features and smooth integration with Redux, Mutative offers a compelling alternative for efficient immutable updates.