Fritz!Box Monitoring and Email Testing Tools

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 24th, 2021

Github repositories

  • jipp/fritzcollectd

    fritzcollectd is a Docker image that allows you to build and push Docker images. It provides a convenient way to create a configuration folder, copy the original configuration from the image, and set up monitoring for AVM/Fritz-Box. With the necessary configurations, you can start the collectd service and use the CLI or docker-compose to manage it. The image supports InfluxDB and provides options for specifying the server, port, username, password, hostname, instance, and verbosity. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of a types.db file for InfluxDB.

  • mailhog/MailHog

    MailHog is a developer tool that allows for email testing. It can be configured as an SMTP server for application delivery and provides a web interface to view messages. Users can also retrieve messages through the JSON API or release them to real SMTP servers. MailHog supports features such as ESMTP server implementation, SMTP AUTH, and PIPELINING. It offers a lightweight and portable solution without the need for installation. The tool supports various platforms and storage options, including in-memory, MongoDB, and file-based storage. Additionally, MailHog provides a web UI and an HTTP API for message management.