Founding a Company in Germany & Virtua

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Apr 15th, 2024


  • How To Found a Company In Germany: 14 “Easy” Steps And Lots Of Pain

    This blog post details the arduous process of founding a company in Germany, contrasting it with Estonia's streamlined e-residency program. The author shares their experience and offers tips, including the choice between sole proprietorship and GmbH, navigating company name restrictions, dealing with notaries, and opening a bank account before official registration. The post humorously highlights bureaucratic challenges and provides practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, urging perseverance despite the system's complexities.

  • The Arc PMF framework

    The Arc Product-Market Fit Framework offers insights for startups navigating the crucial quest for product-market fit (PMF). It outlines three archetypes: Hair on Fire, Hard Fact, and Future Vision. Each archetype corresponds to distinct customer-product relationships. Hair on Fire addresses urgent needs in a crowded market; Hard Fact challenges accepted norms; Future Vision ventures into uncharted territory. Through case studies like Wiz and Square, the framework illustrates operational strategies for success in each path. By understanding these dynamics, startups can better align their strategies with market realities and optimize their path to PMF.

Github repositories

  • inokawa/virtua

    Virtua: A lightweight (~3kB), high-performance virtual list/grid component for React, Vue, Solid, and Svelte. Offering zero-config virtualization, it optimizes for speed and small bundle sizes, supporting various use cases like dynamic sizing, horizontal scrolling, and reverse scrolling. Compatible across frameworks, it prioritizes flexibility and ease of use. Explore its features and benchmarks, contribute, or customize as needed. Demo and Documentation.