Faster Shipping at Facebook and Google

Summary of my bookmarked links and videos from Nov 29th, 2021


  • Stacked changes: how Facebook and Google engineers stay unblocked and ship faster

    Graphite is a new platform that enables stacked changes in code reviews, similar to what is available in companies like Facebook, Google, and Uber. It addresses the problem of being blocked when a pull request (PR) depends on another PR that hasn't been merged yet. By stacking changes, developers can work on multiple features simultaneously without compromising the size of their PRs. Graphite seamlessly integrates with Git and GitHub, allowing for a familiar workflow for team members. Currently in closed beta, Graphite is already being used by engineers at major companies and offers a waitlist for those interested in trying it out.

  • The era of “Coding” is ending | Why This is VERY Important?

    The author explores the idea that coding may become unnecessary in the future and discusses the transition from different phases in the evolution of programming. They highlight examples of web development, software development, and game development that can be achieved without coding. The author speculates on the potential future where programming is replaced by simpler and easier methods, raising concerns about the impact on developers and the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. The conclusion suggests that people may either stop coding altogether or developers will shift their focus to non-coding tasks.


  • How to Create a VR App for Android in 7 Minutes

    Learn how to create a VR app for Android in just seven minutes using Unity. This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up a new project, adding 3D elements, and importing a first-person character controller. By following the steps provided, you can quickly create a functional VR experience on your Android device. With the potential of VR technology still largely untapped, this tutorial offers a glimpse into the exciting possibilities and encourages developers to explore this emerging field. For a more immersive VR experience, additional resources and tips are available on Android Authority's website.