Faster Heating and Converting Shapefiles to GeoJSON

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Dec 14th, 2022


  • Schneller heizen - auf 5 oder auf 3?

    In this video, the speaker addresses a question raised in the comments of their previous heating video: Does setting the thermostat to 5 or 3 result in faster heating? The speaker explains that the thermostat head determines when the valve opens or closes based on the desired temperature and the current room temperature. By adjusting the thermostat head, the mechanism controlling the valve is pushed further in or out. The speaker conducts an experiment to demonstrate the valve's behavior at different room temperatures. They conclude that while setting the thermostat to 5 may heat the room a little faster, the valve gradually closes near the desired temperature, reducing heating efficiency. Therefore, setting the thermostat to the desired temperature directly is recommended for everyday use.

Github repositories

  • calvinmetcalf/shapefile-js

    Shapefile.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to handle shapefiles and convert them to GeoJSON. It supports modern JavaScript features like Promises and Typed Arrays. The library is inspired by RandomEtc's version but doesn't share any code with it. The website provides usage examples for working with shapefiles and ZIP files containing shapefiles. It also mentions the option to use the library in browserify or webpack, or directly include it in a webpage. The library is licensed under the MIT license, and it has dependencies on other libraries like JSZip, lie, setImmediate, and Proj4js.