Exploring Time, Ambition, Procrastination, Naming, and Web Scraping Challenges

Summary of my bookmarked links from Apr 19th, 2023


  • Putting Time In Perspective – UPDATED

    This website provides a unique perspective on the concept of time by presenting a series of growing timelines. The author acknowledges the difficulty in comprehending vast time spans and uses relatable examples, such as comparing the existence of modern humans to a single second in a 24-hour day. The timelines depict historical periods, and although some dates are subject to debate, the most widely accepted ones are used. The website also offers additional content, including posters and links to articles on topics like superintelligence, space exploration, the Fermi Paradox, human history, and mortality comparisons.

  • Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

    The article introduces Lucy, a member of Generation Y, and discusses the concept of GYPSYs (Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies). GYPSYs are ambitious individuals who believe they are destined for a unique and fulfilling career. However, their inflated sense of self-worth and unrealistic expectations often lead to disappointment and unhappiness. The author advises Lucy to maintain her ambition, but also recognize that she is not yet special and needs to work hard to achieve success. They also suggest ignoring comparisons to others and focusing on personal growth.

  • Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

    Procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing tasks, is a struggle faced by many. This article from Wait But Why humorously explores the inner workings of a procrastinator's brain, depicting a battle between the Rational Decision-Maker and the Instant Gratification Monkey. The author delves into the consequences of procrastination, such as wasted time, unfulfilled potential, and missed opportunities for personal growth. The article concludes with a promise to provide strategies to overcome procrastination in Part 2. Ultimately, it highlights the need for change in order to lead a more satisfying and productive life.

  • How to Name a Baby

    The blog post discusses the author's experiences and thoughts on choosing baby names. It explores different options for parents, including timeless names, super weird names, and names that are a little unconventional but not too strange. The post also mentions the concept of name fads and how certain names become popular and then decline in popularity over time. It provides examples of current popular names and their trends. Additionally, the post touches on regional and gender-related naming trends.

  • Browser Fingerprinting: Is Scraping Data From Website Becoming Harder?

    Scraping data from websites has become increasingly difficult and costly due to the rise of advanced anti-bot solutions. In the past, basic techniques like checking IP requests and user agents, combined with a well-configured robots.txt file, were enough to prevent scraping. However, the proliferation of fraudulent bots has led websites to adopt more complex solutions based on AI, active fingerprinting analysis, and behavioral analysis. To overcome these challenges, tools like Playwright, which mimics real user browsing, are used. Configuring the browser to resemble human behavior, such as modifying the "navigator.webdriver" flag, is crucial in avoiding detection. Regular updates and staying ahead of anti-bot techniques are essential in this evolving landscape.