Exploring the Intriguing Evolution of LK-99 and Hammock Driven Development by Rich Hickey

Summary of my bookmarked links and videos from Aug 5th, 2023


  • So what the heck has happened with LK-99 really?

    This post discusses LK-99, a substance developed based on the Russian theory of superconductivity, challenging the conventional understanding of superconductors. LK-99's properties differ from traditional superconductors due to isotropy concerns. Although it mimics superconductivity, it might not strictly fit the standard definition. The author emphasizes the need to reconsider the definition of superconductivity and notes the potential impact of LK-99 on the field. The article highlights the ongoing debate about whether LK-99 qualifies as a true superconductor and its implications for future research.


  • Hammock Driven Development - Rich Hickey

    Rich Hickey's talk at Clojure Conj 2010 emphasizes problem-solving over feature-building in software development. He highlights the importance of thoroughly understanding the problem, assessing potential solutions, and critically analyzing existing ideas. Hickey encourages seeking various inputs, reading broadly, and engaging in thorough examination to enhance problem-solving skills. He emphasizes that solving problems is a skill that can be practiced and improved over time, promoting effective software development.