Exploring the Impact of Guidance AI on Modern Language Models

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Sep 9th, 2023


  • Have We Taken Agile Too Far?

    Agile methodology, originally designed for product development, is being applied too broadly, often leading to hasty decisions and neglect of crucial planning. The article suggests an alternative approach called "working backwards," emphasizing meticulous planning and envisioning the end product before coding begins. Amazon's success with this approach, seen in products like Kindle and AWS, demonstrates its effectiveness. Agile's rapid pace can lead to compromises in product quality and innovation, while combining it with "working backwards" can yield better results, allowing teams to move quickly without sacrificing thoughtful preparation and customer delight.

Github repositories

  • guidance-ai/guidance

    This link introduces Guidance, a tool for controlling modern language models more effectively. It allows you to create structured text by interleaving generation and logical control. Guidance features a simple syntax based on Handlebars templating, supports rich output structures, and provides a playground-like experience in Jupyter/VSCode Notebooks. It offers integration with Hugging Face models and accelerates the process by reusing caches for improved performance. Additionally, it addresses tokenization biases, enabling you to focus on prompt design. Guidance supports chat models like GPT-4, making it versatile for various language tasks and applications.