Exploring Star Trek Physics, Mushroom 'Chicken,' and Programming's Future

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Nov 11th, 2022


  • Die Star Trek Physik

    In this captivating 1 hour and 24-minute video, the concept of Star Trek Physics is explored, shedding light on fascinating discoveries. One intriguing revelation is the mere 158 kg weight of the Enterprise spacecraft, defying conventional expectations. Delve into this engaging exploration of the scientific principles behind the Star Trek universe, offering a unique perspective on galactic phenomena. Join the journey and uncover a realm where science and imagination intertwine seamlessly.

  • Dieses Fried Chicken kommt direkt aus dem Wald | #shorts

    In this video, the YouTuber demonstrates how to prepare a unique dish using a mushroom called Krause Glucke or Fette Henne. The mushroom can be sliced and fried, or the whole mushroom can be deep-fried. The taste is said to resemble grilled chicken skin. The video provides a recipe and instructions for cleaning the mushroom, frying it, and seasoning it with salt, pepper, garlic oil, and lemon juice. The summary captures the essence of the video, highlighting the mushroom's chicken-like flavor and the cooking process.

  • "Stop Writing Dead Programs" by Jack Rusher (Strange Loop 2022)

    In the video "Stop Writing Dead Programs" by Jack Rusher, he argues that most programming languages are designed with backward compatibility to punch cards, which hinders progress. He emphasizes the need to build new live programming environments that can address future problems. Rusher shares his personal experience of programming with punch cards and highlights the inefficiencies and limitations of batch processing and long feedback loops. He criticizes the outdated concepts of compile-run cycles and linear execution in modern programming. Rusher advocates for programming environments that support non-linear execution, runtime introspection, and better handling of time and state.

Github repositories

  • floodfx/liveviewjs

    GitHub offers a range of features and tools to enhance software development and collaboration. Actions allow for workflow automation, while Packages enable efficient hosting and management of packages. Security features help identify and resolve vulnerabilities, and Codespaces provide instant development environments. Copilot utilizes AI to assist in writing better code, and Code review facilitates effective management of code changes. Planning and tracking work is made easy with the Issues feature, and Discussions enable collaboration beyond code. GitHub also caters to various needs, including enterprise, teams, startups, and education. The platform offers documentation, skills development, and resources, along with supporting open-source developers through GitHub Sponsors. The ReadME Project showcases community articles, and repositories can be explored based on topics, trends, and collections. Pricing options are available as well.