Exploring dwitter.net: A Fascinating Resource for Coding Enthusiasts

Summary of my bookmarked links from Sep 7th, 2023


  • About dwitter.net

    Dwitter.net is an exciting challenge where you can unleash your creativity using just 140 characters of JavaScript and a canvas. Created by u/lionleaf, inspired by u/sigveseb's concept on arkt.is/t (GitHub), it debuted at 'Solskogen' Demoparty in 2016, winning the wild compo. The website is open source, actively maintained by contributors, and welcomes GitHub pull requests and issues. Join the lively Discord chat for coding help, discussions, or learning opportunities. Connect with the creators at [email protected], [email protected], or @lionleaf and @sigveseb on Discord. Dive in and explore the world of concise JavaScript creativity!

  • https://www.science.org/content/article/beetle-grows-termite-back-steal-food

    Researchers have uncovered a fascinating example of mimicry in the animal kingdom: a newly discovered species of rove beetle from Australia, named Austrospirachtha carrijoi, that grows a termite puppet on its back. This intricate mimicry, achieved through abdomen enlargement, enables the beetle to blend in seamlessly with real termites. The beetle's true head remains concealed beneath the termite disguise. This clever adaptation likely helps the beetle avoid detection, allowing it to beg for food from termites rather than preying on their eggs or larvae. Once inside a termite nest, it enjoys a life of termite room service.