Explore the Standupmaths Xmas Tree 2020 Repository: Code, LED Lights, and More

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from May 11th, 2023

Github repositories

  • standupmaths/xmastree2020

    The xmastree2020 repository showcases the code utilized for Matt's Christmas tree, featured in the article "I wired my tree with 500 LED lights and calculated their 3D coordinates." The original source code, xmaslights-spin.py, can be found in this repository, along with additional examples contributed by others. This Python project relies on the board package for representing an n-dimensional board and neopixel for LED communication. To use, ensure the necessary packages are installed and run xmaslights-spin.py. Contributions are welcome, including small bug fixes, usability improvements, and effects contained in single Python files. For larger projects, it is advised to create a separate repository and open a pull request to update the Further Work section.