Explore Scene.js Timeline & rpi-ws281x-led: User-Friendly NodeJS Controllers for Animation and LED Strips

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 20th, 2021

Github repositories

  • daybrush/scenejs-timeline

    The Scene.js Timeline is a component that represents the timeline of Scene.js, allowing you to control time, properties, and items. It can be easily installed via npm, and there are also packages available for React and Preact integration. The project is open-source and licensed under the MIT License, with contributions and bug reports welcome on GitHub. If you find the project helpful, don't forget to show your support by giving it a star.

  • dsyomichev/rpi-ws281x-led

    rpi-ws281x-led is a user-friendly NodeJS controller for ws281x LED strips. It utilizes the rpi-ws281x-node wrapper and the rpi_ws281x library. To install, simply add the package to your project using npm. The controller supports TypeScript and requires root privileges to access PWM channels. It offers features such as creating drivers and channels with specific configurations, freeing memory with the fini() function, and rendering LED data. The project is tested on Raspberry Pi 3b v1.2 and is licensed under the MIT License.